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    When you join up with BlueTel, you’re joining a responsible team that’s dedicated to the businesses that rely on them. We won’t let you down.

Why Us?

We’re committed to becoming your #1 choice for VOIP service, providing you with

  • The most standard user features of any Voip System
  • The highest QOS (Quality of Service) anywhere
  • Customer Service always available 24x7x365
  • Network Redundancy within each location and in multiple locations nationwide
  • Month to month basis. (We don’t force you into signing annual contracts)

We treat your business like our own, because we want success – nothing more or less!!


Highlighted Features


The remote office feature allows you to stay connected in remote areas or when you’re on the road.

Group intercom

Group intercom allows you to page many or all extensions to make a public announcement. Group intercom paging is useful for making real-time announcements to a department, or the whole office.

Call Parking

Call parking allows you to “park” a call in a spot that can be retrieved by another extension. This is how it works: Extension #1 takes the call. Extension #1 parks it. Extension #2 picks it up. Call parking is especially helpful to businesses with departments that share calling responsibilities. Call parking helps you better distribute your calls by the caller’s specific needs.

Virtual Departments

BlueTel Call Groups allow you to create virtual departments within your organization, which direct incoming calls to specific extensions, causing the all extensions in the group to ring at the same time. This ensures that you don’t have any important calls missed.

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