Features & Benefits


Click-to-Dial is a web browser and Microsoft office plugin that lets you initiate a phone call by clicking on a phone number displayed on a web page or on a Microsoft office document, it is convenient and time saving, Users can dial any number with one click Phone dial. When you click the phone number on your computer your BlueTel phone will ring and complete the call for you,

Call transfer

Call transfer allows you to transfer calls to other extensions, departments, VM Boxes and even a remote telephone number   ——-

Now with BlueTel Remote Call Transfer, you can even transfer a call to another extension or back to the original extension from a call phone that was forwarded to your remote phone number. IE: Your cellphone

Black Listing

Spammers annoying you and your business?

Submit a list of annoying phone numbers, and magic! your annoying spam calls are gone forever.

Park Call Back

The park callback feature is used when you put a call on Park, the System can remind you that you have a call on Hold by ringing back the phone after a preset time.

Remote phonebook

Unified Contact Phone-book
allows you to upload a Contact list in CSV or Excel format, to share the contact list with all your Phones on  your account.

Call Parking

Call parking allows you to put a call on hold on one phone, and pick it up on any phone in the office. Allowing for associates to answer calls for each other while busy and taking over the call when available, making teamwork a breeze.

Speed Dial

Speed dial options allows you to set a specific key on your phone, or a key sequence to call phone numbers that are called very often.

Message Waiting Indicator

The message waiting indicator appears as a light on your phone indicating that you have a new voicemail message, so you know when you have a new VM at a glance.

Custom On Hold Music

Personalize the hold music heard by callers by choosing between many different tracks available through the BlueTel admin portal. We can also arrange for a professional on hold message customized for your company, where you can promote your products or services, alternatively you upload your own sound clip of your favorite music.


Barge mode allows a user to listen in on an on-going conversation between two parties which can be a conversation between two extensions, or an EXT and an outside call,        Barge is one of the many Features that are useful in a business office such as in an employee training environment.


Whisper mode allows the monitor to speak to the agent while remaining invisible (silent) to the caller. This is especially useful when training a new agent on incoming calls.


Spy mode allows the monitor to enter an existing conversation silently without interrupting the ongoing call; neither the agent nor the caller is notified of the monitor’s presence.

Call Monitoring

Call Monitoring lets you monitor a current call on any extension or line without call interruption or intervention.

Do-not-disturb (DND)

sending calls received directly into
voicemail. Other routing options are also available.

Direct Inward Dialing

Setup a telephone number to dial directly to a device
or extension

Virtual Telephones

Virtual telephones are useful in a hot desk environment. You can have a set of physical telephones, one on each desk. These telephones can have very simple settings and a restrictive class of service to prevent them from calling billable destinations. Then each person who uses the hot desk environment can have a virtual telephone with all their settings, speed dials, and class of service.

Remote Access

Say your not in the office but you want to make a call and appear like you are, Remote access (DISA) allows you to call into your phone system then make a call out with the caller ID of your business phone.

Call Queues

Queues allow more callers than available destinations. Callers hear music on hold until a destination is free to take their call.

Online User Portal

Online User Portal: allows a single extension user log into their web portal to access their VM messages and call recordings and set extension settings.
Administrator: May make people, telephones, mailboxes, etc, as well as view call history.

Group intercom

Group intercom allows you to page many or all extensions to make a public announcement. Group intercom paging is useful for making real-time announcements to a department, or the whole office.

Intercom call

An intercom call allows you to make a 2 way call to intercom another extension with the call answered automatically to get in a quick question or notification etc…

Voicemail Services

You can have your voicemail message sent to any e-mail address. The e-mail will include the date and time of the call, the length of the message, caller ID if available, the mailbox number and an attached audio file so that you can listen to the message on your device. In addition you have the option of setting a cellphone number where you can receive a text message with the details of your message so you know to go ahead and retrieve your message.

Voicemail Box

Each extension gets their own voicemail box so each employee can work and return calls on a personal basis. In addition you can have a general VM box for the company or for each department.

IVR Menus

IVR menus present a voice menu to callers and allows them to press a key. It then routes them to the destination you set for that key. Destinations can be extensions, hunt lists, voicemail, outside numbers or other IVR menus, allowing multiple levels of menu.

Ring Groups

Ring groups are used to ring a group of extensions and/or outside telephone numbers (Cellphone, Home phones etc..). You can decide what the person hears while the ring group is ringing either your hold music or an outgoing ringtone.

Hunt Groups

Hunt groups is a very useful feature to route calls appropriately according to your specifications. For example to ring two extensions (operators) followed by a third extension (Manager) and so on… Hunt groups are divided into steps all destinations within a step ring at once. The first destination to answer gets the call, and the others stop ringing. If no destinations answer, they stop ringing; all destinations in the next step start ringing, and so on.

BLF (Busy Lamp Field)

BLF Keys allows one phone to monitor the state of another extension by a lit key when the monitored telephone is receiving a call the key flashes and the call can be answered by pressing the key.

Call Recording

Calls can be recorded, and then listened to on our web portal or downloaded to be listened or shared.

Conferences calling

Conferences allow two or more people to call into the system and talk together simply and seamlessly.

Feature Codes

Feature codes are short numbers used to call a particular telephone, hunt group, etc, from within the system. For example, you can set “*123” to ring a certain group of phone extensions.

Dial by Name Directory

The Dial by name directory allows callers to reach an employee extension by entering characters of their name on their phone keypad.