What is VOIP

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. Basically, VoIP uses the Internet to make phone calls, instead of the old-fashioned phone network (known as the PSTN, publicly switched telephone network). VoIP is a very simple but extremely valuable service that allows you to make phone calls much more cheaply than through your old phone company. You can also keep your existing phone number.

Why Bluetel VoIP

BlueTel VoIP Service provides you with the highest Quality of Service (QOS) of any provider in the Industry. BlueTel provides our customers with the most calling features for one standard price of anyone in the industry. BlueTel business continuity is unparralled as we provide redundancy in multiple servers at each location, and we duplicate that setup at multiple locations nationally. BlueTel also provides customer system changes at no additional charge.

Why does BlueTel require its own router

In order to provide the highest technical quality of service (QOS), we customize and install our unique firmware in our routers to maximize the quality of each call.

What is the process of installing the BlueTel VoIP service

1)  Customer reviews all documents and signs it

2)  If a number Port is requested, BlueTel Ports the phone number

3) After the telephone number porting is completed, BlueTel configures each telephone and system on our backend so that after the VoIP telephones have been delivered , all that is left, is to plug in the phones.

If no telephone number porting is required, BlueTel can provide the client with a new number and immediately provision for new service (providing the phones are available)

How long is the telephone number porting process?

The actual process is out of our control as we are dependent on the disconnect and transfer process of the “number losing” provider. Some providers, especially the larger ones, can take an average of eight (8)business days, while the smaller firms can take a maximum of 2-4 weeks.

Does Bluetel provide customized system greetings?

Our VoIP system comes with a default system greeting, or you can record your own system greeting, but BlueTel does not provide customized system greetings. If you would like a professional voice over artist to record your greeting, we can provide you with a list of competent specialists. If you provide us with recorded a greeting in .WAV format we will be happy to install it for you.

What if I have only one internet jack in the wall?

Our VoIP telephone sets all come with two (2) Ethernet jacks on the back. There is a connection made between the wall Internet jack and our telephone set, and another connection between our telephone set and your computer.

What is Unique About BlueTel’s infrastructure?

We setup every client’s system configuration in multiple servers at each data center location. We then duplicate that scenario at multiple data center sites around the domestic USA. This redundancy configuration provides instant backup an failover should an individual server at a location fail, or a complete location fail. The multiple level of redundancy provides our clients with highest level of reliability and continuation of service should outages occur.

is your BlueFax compatible with my old fax machine

Yes absolutely, you can choose to get your Fax through your Email or trough your physical Fax machine, or both!!!

if i have a problem with my VoIp, where can i report it

Our Customer service team is available 24/7 to help our VoIP service customers with any questions, also you could open a Support ticket through our support ticket program on our website.

How does Blutel bill for service?

BlueTel charges our customers a basic monthly fee depending on how many phones are in use. Our fees include unlimited minutes of voice calling anywhere in the Domestic USA and Canada (dependent on following the acceptable use policy) and includes all of our calling features at no extra charge. BlueTel does NOT charge for system feature changes EVER, and there are No Hidden Fees.

Can i keep my phone number if I choose to cancel?

Yes, you can take your phone number with you to a any new provider should you choose to leave BlueTel,