Jump Starting Profitability in the First Quarter

It’s almost the end of January and 2014 is well under way. You have a business plan in place to implement and hopefully achieve sales and profit targets for the current year and beyond.  One way to inject serious bottom line impact is to cut costs and improve functionality with a VoIP (Voice over IP/Internet) telephone system.

Why VoIP?

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a maturing technology that allows for the transmission of voice services without using the traditional telecommunications infrastructure, but uses your internet connectivity at no, or minimal, additional connectivity costs.  This helps your business cut costs and enable advanced functionality that would otherwise not be possible or too expensive to implement over traditional phone systems and service. VoIP means free calls between your locations.  Think of the many hundreds and thousands of dollars per month saved from that alone. VoIP means low monthly provider charges, because VoIP providers bypass the traditional, local telecommunications service provider.  VoIP mean advanced functionality where customers and clients can reach you seamlessly anywhere whether you are working from home, a hotel room or client site as you remain connected to your office phone system seamlessly and easily. You always remain in reach of your office network, regardless of their location. With VoIP service, you do not need to change your existing telephone numbers or equipment. Your existing telephone numbers can be ported to the any VoIP network and your existing investment in telephone equipment is protected.

Why VoIP Now?

The technology is there. The cost savings are real and significant. The currently available set of common user features provide seamless and improved connectivity regardless of where you are physically. The sooner you cut your dependence on legacy phone service and infrastructure, the sooner your financial business goals boosted by new and dramatic cost savings, without sacrificing business functionality , may be achieved.   To learn more, call us today at 212.920.7086, and let us show you how.


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